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This is a true story that happened in Dibrugarh about how I fucked my neighbor, sexy aunty. Let me explain to her. She was in her thirties and had a kid about 2 1/2 years old. So basically she is a milf.
She moved into our apartment nearly 5 months ago and I had eyes on her since then. She had a fair complexion, long brown hair, beautiful face, nice and big eyes. She was pretty tall too (about 5 ft 7 in). And I
forgot to mention her boobs and butt. Oh man, it gives me chills. Her titties were godly and her butt was bubbly. Almost every male in our apartment had lust on her. 

She was very friendly and modern too. She used to work in a private rm but left the job after giving birth.

Her husband was a reputed government employee who worked in another town. So he was home for two days a week. Her name was Sikha. It was the time when I was 18 and was in class 12. It was the time when I used to be horny almost all the time. I was not a virgin though. I will tell you that story later.
Now coming to the story. You must be thinking I am exaggerating about her beauty but it is all true. 

She manages to give me a hard-on every time. I even sneaked at her through our balcony and I was fortunate enough to get a glimpse of her in lingerie. I jacked off thinking of her for about a month. But that wasn’t enough. I started getting closer to her. And we had a good friendship.
I frequently went to her house when my parents were in the oce and I hadn’t taken my keys. 

I waited at her place until my parents got home and I chatted with her in the meantime.
Once when I went to her house, she told me to look after her kid (even though he was asleep) while she
went to the supermarket to bring some stuffs. I agreed and I was in her house all alone (actually there
was a kid too). So my curiosity built up.

After she left, I roamed around her house to see anything interesting. She had tons of things. I searched
in the drawers and found a condom. Maybe her husband used it. Then I went to her bedroom. I found
out some dirty laundry items. There were a few lacey bras and panties and a nighty and a few other clothes.

Those smelled like heaven. I kept it and moved on. Then to what I found was interesting. I found a dildo and a vibrator. She used to satisfy herself in the absence of her hubby. And near to it was a phone. It was somewhat like a tablet because it was big. I opened it and saw the chats. She used to sex chat with her husband. Reading the chats made me damn horny.

As I scrolled up, I found his husband’s cock pic. It was small. I regretted that such a beautiful Indian sex wife had a husband with such a small cock. And compared to the size of the dildo, she needed something bigger than that (I mean a bigger cock). So I tried to make a plan to fuck her.
One day it happened. I was coming to the lift after school when I saw her coming with her kid. She had her kid in one hand and goods in the other. So I offered her help.

She bent down to keep her child down (on his foot as he could walk) but he wasn’t ready to get off her
that easily. Wait, I forgot to tell you what she was wearing. She wore a deep V-cut salwar with dupatta.

So the kid grabbed on to the neckline of her salwar and pulled it down as she bent. Damn! Her cleavage was heavenly. Her nice plump boobs were popping out. She wore a purple bra and I could see almost half of her boobs. I was getting hard. Fortunately, I hadn’t taken the key that day. So I had to go to her house. I told her that. 

She said sure. So I picked up her goods and she held her child. When we reached her house, she again bent down to keep her kid down so she could take out the keys to open
the door. Her kid again held her salwar and pulled it.

This time a few buttons opened up and I could see her bra. In that same state, she opened the door and took her kid inside.

I went in and kept her goods on the floor in the kitchen. She was trying to make her kid sleep. And he slept in a few minutes without any fuss.

When she got up, she told me to wait while she changed. I went to the dining room but I saw she
hadn’t latched her bedroom door properly. So I went to have a peek. She had removed her clothes completely and was ashing her tits. I was amazed to see them.

They were big almost handful, pink nipples, sexy areola and were of perfect symmetry. She cupped one of her breasts with one hand and the other went down towards her pussy. She let her hands in and let out a moan.

At that time, I had already taken out my cock and I was fapping. She looked so fucking hot I just couldn’t control myself. As I neared an orgasm, I moaned and she heard it. She immediately came near me bent down and grabbed the end of the shaft of my cock and held it very tightly! It immediately stopped my arousal and I couldn’t cum. I was shocked as I couldn’t understand what the fuck had just happened. It was some magic. She looked me in the face. She had a kinky smile.

Sikha – You young boys are so horny, you don’t know what to do at what time. I have reserved you for
me since a long time. I guess it is about time aunty shows her true colors.
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Me – Aunty I cannot understand what you are saying. And sorry, I sneaked up on you.
Sikha – Oohhhh, you are so naive. You saw what you saw because I let you see it. I knew you would
sneak up on me someday. Besides I am horny for too long. Let’s see what you are made of.
Saying this she stood up and kissed my lips.
Sikha – Oh baby, I have been waiting for you for so long. Fulll all your desires with me. Aunty will treat
you the best.
Me – Thanks aunty, you made it easy for me to fuck you.
Sikha – Not so early, you horny kid.
She pulled my uniform tie and pulled me in. I was in seventh heaven as I was going to fuck the sexiest
babe in our apartment! She pushed me on the bed (the other room of course as the kid was sleeping in

Then she sat on me and started unbuttoning my shirt. I tried to grab her boobs but she slapped my hand
and told me to wait. She was in total control. Then she slowly got down in a teasing way and undid my
pants and took off the boxers as well. I hadn’t shaved my pubic hair lately.
She looked at it and said, “I like guys with pubic hair.” and winked at me. My 8-inch cock had risen up
again and was throbbing. She told me to wait for her and left the room. She bought a bag with her. It was
very mysterious what she wanted.
She took out a rope and tied my hands to the edges of the bed. I was shocked by this thing. Even though
I wasn’t a virgin, I hadn’t experienced something like this. She took out another thing which looked like a
lube. She had also brought a cock vibrator.
Me – Where do you get all these things?
Sikha – From the internet obviously. My husband isn’t that good on the bed so I use these to make
myself cum. But you are not going to disappoint me. Are you?

Me – No!
Sikha – Let’s hope so.
She again came on top of me, checked the knots and started kissing me. She kissed my lips, my face,
my armpits, my chest, my stomach and my legs but didn’t even touch my cock.
Me – Won’t you kiss there?
Sikha – No, not until you beg for me.
So I begged her to kiss my cock. She kissed it slightly and even licked it. She licked the balls and just
wrapped her tongue around my cock’s head. That’s when I thrust it into her mouth. She pulled back and
said, “you will get punishment for this”. And saying this, she squeezed my nipples. I hurt so bad but was
erotic. Then she continued to tease me by playing with her body. My cock was already hurting.
Sikha – Enough foreplay to get you excited. Now it is time for the real show.
She bent down between my legs and took the lube. She poured some on her hand and mbuttaged
herself. Her tits were bouncing in front of my eyes as she stimulated her nipples. Then she slid her body
over me so the lotion is also on me. Its smell was fucking erotic. Then she poured a substantial amount
of it on my cock and gave me a hand job. It was so great I could cum right then. But I couldn’t disappoint
her. So I held my urges and controlled.
Sikha – Someone is trying very hard to hold back. Let’s make it even harder.
Saying this she bent down between my legs and mbuttaged my balls and then suddenly took my whole
cock in her mouth.
I was shocked. It was an unbelievable situation. When she took her head up, my penis was covered up by
her saliva mixed with lube.
She then moved up and down as she took the cock in her mouth. I was so close to orgasm I said I was
cumming. So she stopped and held the end of the shaft like the previous time and I couldn’t cum. But
there was a lot of precum. She licked it off and said it was delicious.
Then she sat over me and kissed again. She again put on some more lube and this time raised my cock
and gently entered it into her pussy. Her pubic hair looked beautiful and as she opened her pussy I could
see it was white from outside and pink from inside. It was tight. She moaned and arched back as I thrust
it in.
Sikha – I haven’t had such a big one inside My husband’s is just 4 inches and he even had ED (erectile
Sikha – I haven t had such a big one inside. My husband s is just 4 inches and he even had ED (erectile
She moved up and down and her pussy wrapped around my cock tightly. Her juices were owing and
were on my pelvic region. With every movement, there was a slurping sound of her pussy. It was warm,
tight, deep and pink. What else would you want?
I also started moving to make it more intense. She was mbuttaging her nipples and clit. Her movements
fastened and the room lled with the sound of skins apping.
Sikha – Oh yeah baby make me cum. I am close. Your cock is so deep in my pussy. I can feel it touching
my stomach.
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Me – Ah it is amazing. Ah! Ah! Ah!
Sikha – Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Hmmm! Ah! Ah! Ah! Fuck me harder!!!! Make me cum.
I increased my movements and she also started jumping (literally).
Phat! Phat! Phat! Phat! The room was lled up with this noise.
Sikha – Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! I am cumming!!!! I am cumming!! Oh shit!!! Yeah baby keep goiingggg….
As she moaned, I felt her shudder and her pussy contracted around my cock like a vacuum. She lifted
herself off my cock and squirted so hard it fell all over my body, my face and on the bed. She was at on
my legs with her pussy facing me.
Due to the humping, the knots had loosened I pulled my hands to break open it. Then with the free hand, I
opened the other knot. She was still motionless breathing heavily. I think she was still having an orgasm.
But I was not done yet. I had to take my revenge on her. So I pulled her butt closer to me and started
licking her pussy again.
Sikha – Ah stop it. I just came. If I come again, I won’t be able to move anymore. I will suck you off now.
Me – But now I am in control.
So I lifted her and tied her arms and legs too. I started licking and ngering her pussy. She was moaning
loudly and came again. I drank all her cum. Then I placed cock between her pussy and trusted it all the
way in. I could feel the walls of her pussy contracting. Till now, I hadn’t sucked her boobs.

My cock still inside her, I started sucking her boobs. There were a handful of those titties which were soft
and rm at the same time.
Her nipples were very hard. She was still shimmering due to the previous orgasm. Her tits were tasty. I
kissed her from top to bottom and licked her butthole. She seemed to like it because I could feel her body
tense up. She was struggling to keep herself back anymore.
Sikha – Stop teasing and just fuck me already.
Me – You have to beg me.
Sikha – Please fuck me. I am fucking horny. Please!!
Me – Call me ‘master’.
Sikha – Master, please fuck me.
Me – Oh yeah!!
I rubbed my cock on her entrance. She was squirming. Then I spat on my cock and inserted it in.
Sikha – Ahhhh!! Fuck me, master. Fuck my brains out.
I started out slow with deep thrusts. But I wanted to feel her more. So I untied her legs.
She immediately wrapped her legs around me. I lifted her butt and started thrusting her. The room lled
was with her moans. I pushed in so deep that she again came in a minute. This time I could feel she was
exhausted. But I hadn’t cum yet. I had many plans with her.
Then I untied her hands. She lied on the bed with full satisfaction and exhaustion. I kissed her on lips and
kissed her neck. She responded with a few more kisses. Then I made her lie on her stomach.
Sikha – Let it be that much for today. I will suck you off after I gain some energy.
Me – You will disobey your master?!!! You didn’t call me ‘master’. So you deserve punishment.
Saying this I spanked her hard. She screamed in pain. Her white buttock had turned red. Then I spanked
the other buttock. She again screamed in agony. The other buttock also turned red.
She tried to get up. So I brought her hands towards the back and tied them. She was now going nowhere.
I spread her legs and inserted my middle nger in her butthole.
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Sikha – Ahhh! Not the butthole. I am a virgin in the ass!!

Me – So it’s good. There’s a rst time for everything.
Saying this I ngered her butt. She was in pain. She had clenched her hands very tightly in a st. She had
kept her butt clean. There was no sign of shit. I took out my nger and inserted in her mouth.
Me – Taste your own butthole now.
Saying this I positioned myself properly behind her. I lifted up her butt. Her head was now on the bed and
she was kneeling with her hands tied to the back. I placed my cock in front of her pussy and fucked her
again in that position. She was moaning but didn’t have an orgasm.
I lifted up her head, put one hand in front of her pussy to stimulate her clit and with the other hand,
grabbed her boobs. Then I fucked her again. She liked the position and I felt her pussy contracting. I
knew I couldn’t hold any longer so this was the point when I would cum. So I felt like I should untie her so she could enjoy it too. 

So I untied the rope.She immediately grabbed my neck from the back and pulled me even closer to kiss me. I was thrusting my cock into her pussy and she was near to her climax. I was near too. But before I could realize, she came and she shuddered. I had to grab hold of her to stop her from falling.

I placed her on the bed and put my cock between her boobs. I tit fucked her. It was amazing. Then she
took the cock in her mouth. She gobbled the cock and kept moving her head. I groaned and shot a huge
load of cum in her mouth. She gagged and cum owed out of her mouth to her boobs. She drank the rest
of the cum and then licked herself clean. Sikha said my cum tasted good and far better than her

Since my parents came, I had to leave but that’s not it. Fortunately, my parents had to go to a wedding in the evening. So I planned to stay back and fuck her. After they left, I went to her house. This time she was ready. She wore a nighty top and nothing below. I picked her up by her thighs and took her to the bedroom. I pinned her to the wall and undid my pants and immediately fucked her while standing. She enjoyed it too. I fucked her in doggy style, missionary and sidewise. She didn’t cum easily.
That evening, I came twice and she came just once. We have been fucking since then. I also had a
threesome with her and another neighbor who caught us fucking in the staircase.

We have had many adventures and I did anal with her too. She is now more into anal than pussy fuck. I
enjoy it too but it is dicult to control myself when her tight butt contracts.

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