Oral Sex Story of Assamese Girl "Gayatri" | new assamese sex story 2020 [ENGLISH]

Oral Sex Story of Assamese Girl "Gayatri" | new Assamese sex story 2020

new assamese sex story 2020
new assamese sex story 2020

Hey You Sexy People, My name is Ankush from Guwahati. I have a very hot wetty story for you. So, Let's start: I'd always known from our first date that my wife loved to suck cock. But once we were married I found out just how much when we started going to gloryholes. Lesbian, My wife Gayatri and I got married in the late seventies and were both only eighteen years old. And I'd known from our first date a few years earlier that she loved sucking cock. We'd gone to a drive-in movie and as soon as the movie started she leaned over and pulled my cock out and started sucking my cock for me. And once we got married our sex life got hot quick despite us both being brought up by religious parents in a small conservative town. Gayatri being a preacher's daughter she was expected to dress very conservatively and to act like a perfect little lady. And around town, she continued to do that to keep up appearances. But soon after getting married we'd started to take nude photos.

One of Gayatri's less conservative cousins had given her a black garter belt & stockings with a totally see-through red housecoat that didn't have a belt or buttons leaving it open in front. As a wedding present to wear on our honeymoon. But she'd never put it on until after we'd started taking pictures. She'd never really looked at herself as sexy because she always had to dress so plain and wear very little makeup. And only agreed to the pictures to please me.

But the night she put on the garter & stocking with the housecoat and a pair of black heels. I had her put on a black cameo choker and put on the red lipstick & nail polish I'd been trying to get her to put on in our photos before. When she saw herself in the mirror she was surprised at how hot she looked. So she added some dark eye shadow and eyeliner and put on more lipstick. She was kind of liking this new kind of dirty girl look.

We took several rolls of pictures that night and she was really getting into it. She'd never been cold as far as sex but just didn't see herself as being sexy which was as far from the truth as could be. At 5-8, 110-Lb 34D-24-35 with long red hair and matching red muff and sparkling green eyes she was a knockout. She just kept it hidden from everyone and never looked at herself that way.

The day we got those pictures back our sex lives changed forever. When she saw how sexy she looked in those pictures she couldn't believe it. And it changed her in a very positive way making her more confident and more assertive. She didn't want to hide her body anymore but knew she still had to be pretty conservative around town. So we started going out of town every weekend just so she could show off her hot body.

My conservative preacher's daughter's wife had turned to exhibitionist in front of my eyes. She was ordering sexy lingerie including lots of garter belts and stockings once seeing how they showed off her long sexy legs and firm round ass when she put on a pair of heels. But she wanted to show off those big tits and her fiery red pussy & sexy ass. And she took every chance she could to expose herself.

This also opened the door for us to get into the swinger lifestyle. It began with a threesome with a friend then we started corresponding with other couples through swinger magazines and trading pictures. This led to wife swapping where we'd meet couples from out of town in motels halfway between our cities. As it happened the wife of the first couple we met was bi and we didn't know. And when they suggested some pictures of the two girls on the bed together we agreed.

When the husband suggested his wife cup one of Gayatri's tits I thought oh shit she won't go for this but as the girl fondled one of her tits Gayatri leans over and starts to play with one of the other wifes big 36-inch tits. Before long they're kissing and sucking each other's tits then in a hot 69. They have their fun. Then I and the other guy join them hooking up with each other's wife.

After that, we looked for couples with bi wives. But we were having far more MFM threesomes with friends as well as strangers we'd find in hotel bars and places like that. And at times it would be 2-3 or more guys at once. And some would fuck her but she wanted all of them to cum in her mouth or preferably on her face and tits. Because she'd gotten to where she loved being covered in hot cum.

So our weekends had gotten to where we'd go out of town on Friday night and head to a larger city. On the way, Gayatri would expose herself to guys or girls working in stores along the way by going in and filling both hands with penny candy and as she walked toward the counter her dress as if by accident would fall open. And with the elastic, she'd sewn inside would be pulled completely open showing she was only wearing a garter belt and stockings. Leaving her tits & pussy on full display for the cashier and any nearby customers to see.

With her hands full she couldn't close it back and had to wait until she'd reached the register. But causing her to walk faster making her big tits bounce around. On a few occasions when it was just the cashier she let them play with her tits and gave one guy a blowjob while his co-worker watched. But usually, they'd just get a big smile as she apologized. And one older woman tried to get her phone number.

But we did lots of things like that on the way to and from where we were going. And once there she'd expose herself to people from room service or pizza delivery as well as going for ice in a towel and things like that. But we'd also started going to bars and this gave her a chance to flash her pussy and tits as well as sometimes pick up guys or couples to come back to our room for sex. Sometimes one guy others two or three.

We'd also started going to adult theaters which she loved because as soon as we sat down guys would swarm around us and in no time she'd have guys fondling her tits and rubbing her pussy. So she'd stand up and everyone could see her as she'd take off her dress leaving her in only her garter & stockings. In no time she'd have guys lined up as she was sucking them off 2 at a time having them cum on her tits. Usually sucking off 10 or 12 guys as many more watched.

We knew to take some wet wipes for her to clean up but she'd always leave a few globs on her tits and around her mouth and walk out through the lobby with her tits almost completely out and people seeing cum on her mouth and tits really turned her on. Sometimes she'd suck me off while others watched other times I had other guys wives or GF's suck or fuck me while they did Gayatri or the two girls would put on a show for all the guys to watch.

We also went to adult bookstores and Gayatri would bend over a lot letting her tits fall out or stoop down exposing her pussy. Then we'd go to the back. Once in the back she'd take her dress off and walk through the hall in only her garter stockings & heels lettings guys see her hot body and let any that wanted to feel her up. When we'd go in a booth we'd leave the door or curtain open so guys could watch her suck cock through the glory holes.

She had guys reach through and play with her tits, pussy, ass and she'd let some of them fuck her if the hole was big enough and she sucked off lots of guys. Usually staying in a booth about 15 min them walking thru the hall nude to another booth. But we got a real surprise one night at a glory hole only about 45 miles from home. She'd had a guy play with her tits and pussy through the hole and pull her up so she backed against the hole and he fucked her.

He hadn't said much and only whispered but had said he loved having his dick serviced by strangers. And said he was surprised a girl was there he usually had to settle for guys sucking his dick. And he told her she was a good little cocksucker. After she swallowed his load she was ready to walk around and show off and stretch her legs. As we go out in the hall the guy she'd just fucked and sucked off came out. Her eyes got real big and she said " Uncle Sharma? " It turned out it was her mother's brother and by the way a preacher.

He was totally shocked but his eyes went straight to her tits. And as he's trying to explain how his wife wasn't into sex anymore and rationalize his being there he kept trying to look in her eyes but his eyes kept going to her tits and pussy. And I'd tried to hand her her dress and she ignored it. And everyone had heard her say uncle Sharma so lots of people were watching intently as several had watched him fuck her and her suck his cock. But the best experience we had in a bookstore was one we went to while on vacation we knew we'd probably never go to again it was so far away. We did the usual things. But kept seeing signs about the big movie and it had a starting time that was coming up. So I ask someone and it turned out it was a full-length movie in a big room. Not like a theater but maybe a 20 x 20 with couches & chairs. So I went up and paid for that.

When the movie started they locked the door so no one could get in but for safety, you could get out but it set off an alarm. Being first-timers we were told if the overhead lights flashed the police were coming in. This sounded interesting. There were about 15 guys and 3 girls including Gayatri. And as soon as the movie came on clothes started coming off. Gayatri only being about 19 at the time made her a prime target for the guys. And the two women in their '30s saw me a 6-5 19-yo and wanted to give me a try.

That was Gayatri's first real gangbang taking on about 10 guys all at once. And the two women were going at it with me. A few of the guys were gay and sat in the back going down on each other. The room was air-conditioned but when we came out we all still looked like we'd been in a sauna.

But as you can see it didn't take long for my prim & proper little wife to turn into a Hot Exhibitionist Cum Slut and I was thrilled to death about it. 

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