Assamese Teacher Student Sex Story in English (অসমীয়া সেক্স কাহানি)

"Assamese Teacher Student Sex Story in English"

I am Raktim from Sivasagar. This happened before one year. At that time I was doing my college 2nd year. I have sex desire from my 16th age. When my second-year classes started, everyone in my class was happy because we are escaped from the ragging. Our classes were started at 9 am every day. Our first-day first hour in English. Everyone in my class was eagerly waiting for the new Staff. I am the class leader in my class. So I have more responsibility for my class. At 9 a.m. an angel entered our classroom. I can’t believe my eyes, because a 26 years old angel standing in front of me. Her name is Manshi.
Assamese Teacher Student Sex Story in English
Assamese Teacher Student Sex Story in English

Age 26; She is unmarried.

Her size was 36 32 38. Manshi madam speaks very frankly with us, like our classmate. Like that 2 months passed away.

Manshi mam and I became close friends. We also shared our mobile numbers. We chatted till late night every day. She shared every matter with me. We became closer. She is staying in the college hostel. I was staying alone in a house. Because my native is far away from college, I took one house for rent. She comes many times to my house. My rented house contains two rooms. One day when we chatted at late night, she said that “you are not only my student, you are more than anyone in my life at first I can’t understand the meaning of her words. So I simply said thanks to her and end the conversation. One day she told that she hates the hostel and she needs a house for rent near my house. But unfortunately, we can’t find any room near my house. So she asked me for a favor that she would like to share my house. I also accepted for her. I shared my house with my dream girl Manshi. We stayed in the same house for one month. But nothing happened between us.

Everything has changed on a fine day. Still, I can’t forget that day. One day I was suffered from heavy fever. It was midnight my body was totally shivering due to the cold climate. She can’t do anything to keep me warm, so she came close to me and held my hands. And she hugs me more tightly to keep me warm. I also hug her more tightly. Her breasts were crushing over my chest.

We slept that night together. From that day her behaviors were changed completely. Afterwards, she starts to love me more than anyone in the world. After one week her birthday came. I would like to present her with a wonderful gift. Soi bought a new silk sari to her and kept it more secretly. Finally, her birthday came. I gave her the silk sari at twelve ‘o’ clock. She was more impressed. She gave a big hug to me and gave a deep kiss on my lips. I can’t believe that moment, I felt that as a dream but it’s true. After a long smooch, she won’t speak any word. She went to her room and slept. But I can’t sleep.

Next day morning my angel came out of the room and I can’t close my eyes. Because she looks more beautiful in the silk sari. She came near to me and told: “get ready dear; I want to enjoy this birthday fully with you”. Then we both went to the temple, theater, and park and finally we finished our dinner in a restaurant and return to our house. While returning to home, she told: “dear there is a gift is waiting for you today”. I was totally confused. We reached our home.

She bolted the door and came near me. She hugged me tightly and told in my ears “dear I’m your gift take me, and make me as your wife [ji koribo mon ase kra please]”. I can’t believe my ears; I saw her eyes, it tells me a lot of stories. Finally, she gave a deep kiss on my lips. We smooched for 10 min. Then I took her to the bed and made her lie on the bed. I removed all my dresses except my underwear and jumped on the bed.

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First, i took her face and gave a deep kiss on her lips. She also responded well. She opened her mouth and allowed my tongue inside her mouth. We exchanged our saliva. It continues for 15 min. After that, I removed her sari and fondle her boobs over the blouse. She moans in pleasure.
Then I removed all her dresses and made her nude and then she removed my underwear and make me nude. She took my penis and starts giving nice blow job. Then she inserted my dick into her mouth. I fuck her in the mouth she also enjoys it more.

After that, i made lie on the bed and spread her legs wider and starts to lick her pussy…

She moans in pleasure. Ssssshhhh…. Aaaahhhh…. Hmmmm…… Fuck me… Fuck me hard…… Then I inserted my tongue in to her pussy and starts to fuck her using my tongue. She ejaculated in my mouth… I drank all her juices.
Then I inserted my 6-inch dick into her sweet pussy. First, she can’t bear the pain, later the pain turns in to pleasure. She moans in great pleasure. Roktim fuck me… Fuck me hard…. Ahhhhh…..

Ahhhhh….. Ahaaaaa…… [Suda Baby Phuta Phaali dia]. She and I reached the

I unloaded my full cum inside her pussy. She hugs me tightly and we both slept hugging each other.

We fucked 3 more times at the same night. Next day morning we both wake up at 9 am. Till we slept naked in the bed and then we bath together naked. We fucked in all positions. After one month she conveys that she is pregnant. We both were happy but for our future we abort the child.
Then we lived as husband and wife for 9 months. Now she has got married to a software engineer and went to abroad. Now i am looking for a sex partner.
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