Guwahati Kamuk Story in English

Guwahati Kamuk Story in English

I am Sarmistha (of course not my real name), 29 living in Guwahati with a statistics of 35-28-36. I am married in an affluent family and possess every worldly comfort and luxury. This story is about how I had my sex experience with a friend of my husband. It so happened that once we had to go to Kolkata to attend the marriage of one of my very close friends. A day before we had to leave, another of my friend Shalini (changed name) called me up to confirm if I was going to attend the marriage function. Since it was a long journey, she asked if we could join them in their car so that all four of us could enjoy the drive and return together as she would be staying back en route at his parent’s home.

She did not want her husband to drive all alone on the highway as she was concerned about his safety. I asked my husband who took the matter lightly and consented. He even suggested taking his own car but since they were coming from the opposite direction and our home was on the way, she said that they would take their car as it hardly matters. The next morning they both came to our home to pick us up. Our drive to the marriage place was very enjoyable. My friend Shalini and her husband Ankush (again not his real name) were a nice easy going couple.

After the marriage, we had planned to leave for Delhi immediately but we all were too tired since it was a hard day for us coming all the way and attending the functions. We rested the night in the hotel and started our return journey after breakfast the next day. We halted at Moradabad where Shalini had to stay at her brother’s home for a few days. After spending some time at her brother’s place, we three left for Delhi and it was already late afternoon. The weather had turned cloudy and heavy rain was sure to come any time.

Ankush was driving his car at a fairly good speed and we wanted to cover as much distance as possible before rain arrives and slow our speed. But soon the rain started falling heavily and Ankush had to reduce the speed but still, he was driving moderately fast. Big pools of water were forming on the road and it was not visible if the road was clear or some pothole etc. was there I even asked Ankush to reduce the speed further but he just smiled and assured me not to bother and he would get us all within time.

I had seen the signboard of a highway motel not far and I suggested stopping there for some refreshment and we should wait for the rain to stop. He said that taking a cup of tea was fine but we should continue our journey so that we could reach Delhi in time as the rain had slowed down but still falling lightly. We were passing through a small highway-side village where the water was stagnant on the road and we were driving through it with considerable speed. All of a sudden there were a big sound and our car received a big jolt making me give out a loud cry.

The car had stopped. We all got down in the rain to see what had happened and our inspection showed us that the car had hit a big pothole and boulders lying therein. Ankush got inside the car again and tried to take out the car by reversing it. Somehow he made it after my husband too applied some force but we found that the suspension was badly damaged and the radiator was leaking. It was not possible to carry on our journey any more in this condition and the car had to be repaired.

Thankfully there was one motor mechanic shop visible and Ankush and my husband went there while I was sitting inside the car. The mechanic on his arrival and inspection informed that the suspension work could not be done here but he would repair it to the extent that it would take us through to our home But the radiator has to be repaired by another shop which was a couple of mile beyond. Since there was no other option we agreed to this. He further informed us that there was a small highway motel about a ten-minute walk from here where we could rest.

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It was decided that first we all should go to the motel and take a room and leave me there and then come back and get the car repaired. This would ensure that I would not have to wait on the road. The motel he referred was at a good twenty-minute walk in the drizzling rain and we all were soaking wet by the time we reached there. My saree on being wet was sticking to my body revealing my whole body figure. The blouse was also revealing my bra I was wearing under it and even my chest portion was visible to some extent.

I was aware that Ankush was eyeing me constantly and I would try to cover my body with the wet saree and in the process, some more of my back and tummy would be visible. We took a room there and leaving me there to dry myself, both the men left to get the car repaired. It was a simple room with limited furniture and an attached bath. As I was getting uncomfortable in the wet clothes, once my husband and Ankush left, I started removing my wet saree and after drying it spread it on the chair and table.

I opened the hooks of my blouse and removed it from my body and spread it too to dry. I took a towel from the bathroom and rubbed my body dry. Lifting and raising my petticoat, I rubbed my legs dry and finally settled down on the bed. The waiter had already given a tray of tea and some snacks. I started sipping the hot tea and began to relax lying on the bed. I did not know how long it would take for us to restart our journey. I do not know why but lying on the bed semi-nude with my clothes spread in a motel room was making me hot inside.

My pussy was getting moist and I wished if someone could be here to take me to satisfy me. These were nothing but silly feelings that come up to your mind in such situations. I lifted the curtains and looked out, the rain had almost stopped but still, a very light drizzle was falling. I was sure that it would still take a couple of hours for the car to get repaired and we are back on our journey. I was still at the windows when I heard a sound at the door and it opened suddenly and

Ankush stepped inside. I was standing only in my bra and petticoat and greatly embarrassed, Ankush who was holding his bag in one hand and the keys in other were gaping at my body. He was eyeing my breast which was barely covered by the cups of my bra, my slim and flat tummy still wet petticoat that showed off my figure without concealing any part. I could see a feeling of lust and sex comes in his eyes.

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I had totally forgotten the keys to our room were not with me when I had started removing my clothes for drying up. I failed to take care of that and now Ankush had entered the room casually when I was in a semi-nude position. I covered my breasts with my hands and I grabbed the towel lying nearby to cover my bare breasts. Ankush made no attempt to leave the room and he had come further inside with a lustful smile on his face. He was eyeing every part of my body which a towel was unable to hide completely.

He said, “hello Sarmistha, your husband has gone to get the radiator repaired and would be back after a couple of hours. The mechanic is repairing the car. I came here as I had to keep my bag here. As I had nothing to do at the mechanic shop, I thought I should come over here for a cup of tea. I came in easily, as I still had the room key which was left with me when I forgot to leave it here. I was badly embarrassed and asked him to give me a few minutes to get dressed as I was just getting my clothes to dry.

He smiled again and sat on the bed saying, “no need to get dressed Sarmistha, I am no stranger, I am your friend’s husband. Relax my dear, your husband would not be here for a long time. I have seen your complete figure when you were walking in front of me totally wet in the rain. I have even seen your cleavage and breast area and even your butts and ass when your saree was sticking on your body. You have a great figure Sarmistha,” Saying this he got up and tried to take me in his arms.

Though I was in the mood for sex only a few minutes ago, still I was unable to accept the situation and do it with Ankush. While I was still thinking about it, Ankush who had got up and took me in his arms and I was unable to escape as I was pressed against the window and no room to escape. He had taken his arms around me firmly and started kissing me on my cheeks and coming down on my neck, my ear lobs and on to my cleavage and my breast area.

I was trying to save myself but he was too strong for me to resist and moreover I was also losing my self-control. The weather, the lonely room had already set the stage for a sexual adventure. Since I had already had sexual relations with a friend of my husband some time back and had been continuing with the illicit relationship still, so my morals weren't that high. But I had a crush for him and I had none for Ankush. I had never ever fantasized about having sex with him.

He was already now kissing my lips and brought his hands on my boobs and started fondling them once he had removed the towel that had grabbed to cover my breasts. Slowly his fingers reached inside my bra and he started pinching my nipples which made me give out a soft moaning sound. Though it was getting hard for me to resist since the kisses and fondling of my boobs by Ankush had aroused my sexual desire, still I was trying to save myself as

I was afraid that my husband too could come here at any time and catch us both. I was repeatedly pleading to leave me and not to go ahead no Ankush please stop please Ankush no don’t do this Ankush my husband could come any time please stop no no noooooo. With the fear that my sound is not heard outside, all my pleadings were in whispers only and had no effect on Ankush who was kissing and licking my breasts. I was beginning to get wet in my pussy and all my resistance was now just symbolic.

While kissing my neck and shoulders he caught the straps of my bra by his teeth and gently slid them down. His hands were now caressing my back and with the movement of his fingers, he unhooked my bra and removed it from my body. I was topless and he looked at my fully erect boobs and nipples with a hungry look in his eyes. I once again requested him not to do this as my husband too could come any time and catch us in this situation. But he was beyond caring now and wanted just to fuck me somehow.

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Still leaving me he took out his mobile phone and called my husband to ask where he was and what was the progress. He had put his phone on speaker and I could easily hear my husband saying that he had just reached the radiator shop and soon the work is going to start and it would take at least an hour for repair and then he would be back to the mechanic shop. He too asked Ankush what was the progress at his end. Ankush smiled at me and whispered in my ears, “I should say

I am about to fuck your wife in the hotel room where she is lying naked in front of me” instead he just said that the suspension work was going on and he would wait for him at the mechanic shop. Once convinced that my husband would not be here for at least an hour I too relaxed. Ankush carried me towards the bed and made me lay there. He undid the cord of my petticoat and removed it from my body leaving me only in my panties lying on the bed.

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He too removed his clothes and I was amazed to see his over seven inches long and more than two inches thick penis. It was brownish in color and small hairs that have grown after his last trimming were visible all around it. It seems to be really hard and I could see the strain in it. I now wanted to take that monster inside me so I quickly removed my panties as Ankush came in towards me and stood at the corner of the bed.

I raised my eyebrows to ask why he wasn’t entering me to which he said, take it easy Sarmistha. We do not have much time with us and we have to fuck a lot. So come on and give me a great blow job and get the things started I got up and sat where he was standing on the floor. His penis was right in front of my face and as I touched it softly with my fingers, Ankush too let out a soft moan in sheer excitement.

Aahhhhh Sarmisthaaaaahhhh yessss ouuuu Sarmistha my love roll your fingers again softly, do it again Sarmistha yes loving it Sarmistha. Slowly I brought my face forward and started kissing his penis softly with my lips and in between, I would roll my tongue all around it and every time I did that, Ankush would moan even louder. I removed the skin from the tip of his penis to bring out his pink head and started licking it with my tongue.

The moment my tongue touched it, Ankush let out a loud moaning sound in the height of his excitement.I was still licking the head of his penis when with a gentle push Ankush guided his entire penis in my mouth. It was such a big organ that I almost gagged but he had held it so firmly in my mouth that I was unable to take it out. Holding it with my one hand, I started sucking and rolling it. I knew that tongue can do wonder when giving a blow job so

I was using it fully all around his penis and his moaning sound never stopped for once. In between my licking and sucking, I would take his penis out of my mouth and roll my tongue on his balls and he would reach new height of ecstasy the moment my fingers and tongue touched them. I kept off sucking and licking his penis for nearly ten minutes or maybe more and I was also shaking and jerking it with my one hand while with the other

I was playing with his balls. He had closed his eyes and was moaning uncontrollably. Sarmistha, Sarmisthaa,yesssss love you Sarmistha you are the greatest fuck I ever had better than my wife Sarmistha. Your husband is a fool not to take this opportunity to fuck a girl like you who is walking all wet and showing her tits. Sarmistha. I felt that his penis was now fully strained and hard like a rock and I knew that he was about to release his cum any time now. I was now shaking it more vigorously and soon

I felt the hardness giving away and my mouth was suddenly filled with the release of his while discharge. So great was the force with which the discharge from Ankush’s penis struck the inside of my mouth that it went even down my throat. His discharge was still flowing out and he withdrew his penis from my mouth and taking it in his own hands started jerking it making more cum come out and fell over my face and it continued to flow down on to my breasts and rolled down to my tummy.

He sat down beside me exhausted and relieved after the stress that had to build up inside him being flowed out. He might have been relieved of his urge for sexual adventures but I was still hungry for sex. While I had given Ankush a blow job and taken his cum inside me orally, my pussy had not yet been touched by him. I now wanted him to take me and fuck me and fuck me real hard. I was still getting wet down in my pussy and

I really wanted a monster size penis of Ankush inside me. It was making me hornier because it was much bigger and thicker than my husband and now when I had the opportunity, I wanted to enjoy it. It had been now almost fifteen minutes since I had given Ankush the blow job and since the time was also running out, I was getting desperate. I wanted him to get his penis erected and give it to me so once again I started fondling it and took my face towards it to kiss and lick it to arouse it.

No sooner I started sucking his penis again that it started to get erected and my continuous licking finally made it regain its strength and size. Once Ankush got his dick erected, he too got up and taking me in his arms, made me lie down and spread my legs, he took his face down to my pussy. With the help of his fingers, he started exploring my clean-shaven pussy and taking them inside began caressing my clitoris. The moment his fingers touched my clitoris, I could not suppress giving out a loud moaning sound Ankush take your fingers deep inside me

Ankush yes yes Ankush do it again do it more Ankush aaaaaahhh take me now my love, take me to fuck me Ankush then made me stand on the bed with my legs slightly apart and positioning himself and bending on his knees, he gripped my both butts in his hands firmly. Bending forward and taking his mouth to my pussy he again started exploring the hidden pleasures inside. I gripped his head and holding it with his hair, further pressed his mouth to my vagina.

The love juice that had stopped for a while began again to flow out of my vagina and Ankush started fingering with his tongue more vigorously as more love juice was being discharged. Opening my vagina with his fingers, he took his tongue deeper inside and when his tongue touched my clitoris, I once again gave out an uncontrolled moaning sound. I was getting high and high while Ankush continued to suck my vagina and drink my love juice.

The whole room was echoing with our moaning sound and I did not care if any one could hear them. Even if some one does hear them, he would think that a man and his wife are having sex inside since the room was booked under my husband’s name. Ankush was taking his long tongue to the deepest depth of my vagina and was licking every wall inside. My moaning had been going on uncontrolled and unstoppable.

Aaahhhhh ssssssss Ankush, Ankush my love aaaaaah uuumm Ankush take me please take me now. I can’t hold it please take me to fuck me now my love fuck me real hard aahhh. I had reached an uncontrolled stage where I now needed a penis inside and satisfy me. I practically begged Ankush to now come inside me and take me. Finally, he stopped his sucking and made me lye on the bed. He arranged to put a pillow under my hips making an arch of my back.

He then spread my legs and positioned himself in between my thighs. I raised me both legs high and he put the monster penis on the tip of my vagina and kept on rotating it but not pushing it inside. It was a totally new experience for me and I again begged him to push it inside. Ankush please bharai dia mur sex gidaa khonot please put it inside and fuck me. Ankush fuck me hard. I was still moaning with tears flowing out of my eyes.

These were the tears of joy and my uncontrolled urge to have Ankush inside me. Suddenly Ankush gave his torso a gentle push and more than half of his above seven inches of manhood went inside me making me give aaaaaaahhhh sound. Another gentle push and it was fully inside. His seven inch long and thick penis was now fully inside my pussy and it felt as if a hot lump of iron had been pushed inside me.

Once he was satisfied that it was fully inside, he gently started humping me, first slowly and softly. His penis was gently rubbing my clitoris and it made me so high that tears of pleasure came into my eyes and I wanted him to go on and on forever. Fear of my husband coming any time had evaporated from my mind and I was in deep sexual fantasy enjoying a fuck by a seven inch long and nearly two inches thick penis. While it was inside me, I wanted to enjoy every bit of it.

Ankush kept on stroking me gently and slowly he had increased his pace. Every stroke from his monster was hitting the deepest depth of my vagina and making me moan uncontrollably, without any fear of any one hearing it. Aaahh sssss Ankush, Ankush you are great lover Ankush your dick is so long and strong give me more of it my lover satisfy my lust Ankush fulfil my all desires my love aahhh mmmnnn yes yes again do it again Ankush more harder Ankush harder yes my love.

My love juice was continously flowing out of my pussy and making patches on the white bed sheet. I was reaching one orgasm after another while Ankush kept on humping harder and harder. He too was moaning in his excitement and the whole room was filled with our love moaning sounds and the sound of his torso hitting my groin. Sarmistha, Sarmistha I always wanted to have sex with you Sarmistha you always turned me on I always fantasised having sex with you Sarmistha always yes.

Sarmistha my love I will fuck you always Sarmistha you are the best fuck i ever had you are lot better than your friend I love you Sarmistha He kept on banging me and I lost counts of how many times I came. But still he had not come in and now I was getting exhausted and tired. I wanted him to come now so that I feel completely satisfied now. It had been over ten minutes and his strokes were still hitting me harder. A few minutes later he further increased his pace and kept on hitting me faster and faster.

I was now beginning to feel the pain and his penis was getting strained more inside me. It felt as if the size had increased further in length and thickness and I was now crying out in pain and sheer ecstasy. Next, I felt his penis break its hardness and I felt his discharge gush out like a jet spray with great force and hit all the walls of my vagina. He was still humping me his final strokes as his discharge continued to fill my vagina.

He finally collapsed over my body and remained there while the discharge was now coming out drop by drop after its initial stream. I felt my whole vagina was filled up by his cum and the extra discharge was coming out and mixed with my own making big patches on the bed. We remained like that for some time when I looked at my watch and felt that it was time we should get away from each other.I felt like a complete woman.

It was a great fuck after a long time and I wanted even more. But now was not the time. I shook his body to wake him and he gently stirred over my naked body. I whispered in his ears, Ankush, its time now my love. You should go as my husband could be here at any time. Cursing my husband for not staying out longer, he finally got up and kissed my lips once again before putting on his clothes.

Slowly I too got up and went to the washroom to fresh myself and remove any sign of what had taken place in the hotel room. When I came out, Ankush was already dressed and he kissed me once again before leaving. Slowly I too started putting on my clothes and looked again in the mirror to find if any sign was still there. Finding none, I sat on the chair nearby waiting for the call from my husband that everything was now set and we should resume our journey now. I was still thinking about Ankush’s lovemaking when the call finally came and we started our journey back home.

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