Sivsagar Junior College (SJC) Sexual Incident in English

Sibsagar Junior College (SJC) Sexual Incident in English

  • Girl Name: Unknown
  • Place: Sivsagar
  • Genre: Teen, Fictional
  • Year: 2020

Some Incidents happened just two years before at my college ... All the day in my college was very hot because the boys used to play with my pussy and breasts in the classroom without knowing the teacher. I love them doing fingering and sucking my boobs. Many of my friends also know my habit of spending playful times with boys? I never allow them to fuck with their cock in my pussy. But many have put their cum on my body while others were out for lab, library, etc. Some girls also join me while I was with the boys in the class. We used to talk very long, while some finger my pussy suck my boobs and licking my pussy etc. I was very social to all my friends and all of them were very loyal to me.

Our college was in the city and the dress put on by all of us was very modern most of the time. Most of the girls were in shorts and tube tank tops with or without undergarments. It was a day in college for annual day practice and decided to wear something special to college. I passed my idea to my close friends in college and they too agree and promise me to do. I wear a short brown Halter top Mini Dress and nothing underneath.

It was just beneath my pussy hair and sides of boobs are partially out. I used to go to college in our car and my father will drop me. On that day he was shocked by my dress and he asked me why to wear this. I told him that we have practice and we should need to change it for that. He knows that I will not wear any undies because of skin problems. While in the car when I sit my dress moves up and my pussy lips are fully out and pubic hairs are shown, so I cover it with my bag because my father will scold me for flashing.

In the classroom, all were excited about my sexy dress and few friends of mine also manages to wear like that, but they wear undies (cheated me) I was very friendly to the boys and they came near me and examines whether I have put any panty and bra. I was sitting in the 3rd row and middle of that bench. Every bench has 5 students. When I sit my pussy was fully out and my boobs as well. Because it’s not time to start classes, everybody was doing their records, some talking, some romantic, etc. The girl that sits near me was surprised to see my pussy and they told many girls also that I'm having a show. Many of them told me to be careful not to show the teacher coming by.

Sometime later a teacher came to the class and started taking attendance. After that, she told that there will be only 2 classes today and after that, you can make the arrangements for annual day celebrations. She started taking the class and I was fingering my pussy slowly. In some minutes a man from the office came and tells the teacher to send some girls and boys to the office who are not participating in any programs for volunteering tomorrow's annual day. The teacher asks us to stand those who are not in any programs and I was also included and I with some girls and boys went to the office room.

At the office, principle asks us to sits and I was in the front row chair. He then stands up and walks a little and explains to us what to do the next day by us. As he was talking I accidentally spread my leg and he stops the talk for a second and continues after that. After the talk, he told me to wait here and let others go. My friends were giggling and they know the show to be happening. I remained there and he asks me to take one chair and sits in front of his table. While I was taking the chair, I need to bend a little and my left boob fall out of my dress showing it for my principle.

I didn't put back my boob inside my dress and decided for a show to him. He then asks me why I wear this sexy revealing dress without any undies under. I told him that I have skin infection and I love to show off my body. He was very angry with my answer and told me to stand on the corner of his room for 2 classes. I stand up and stood on one corner of his room, I was also very angry and decided to do again a show to all.

So I slowly lift my dress a little so that my trimmed bushes are seen and loosen my dress by pulling it from the sides of the boobs. Then it becomes more loosen and now the sides of my boobs are also easily seen by all. Then a lady teacher came to the principles room and she didn't saw me standing there while she enters. After a little talk with the principle she turns back and leaves, she saw me and examines my dressing and smiles at me. After about 45 minutes he told me to go to my class and told me to not wear any dresses like this to college.

Now, it’s time for ending up classes and I stand outside my class so that the teacher can finish her class. The class next to my class finishes and many students came near me ask why I was in the principle's room in the last hours. I tell them the truth and they were shocked to see my wet pussy. I was very wet at that time and I pretend to finger my pussy right there. But I need to control and our class was also finished. So I go near my friends and sits there. Many girls and boys have gone home because the class is over and 2 days are for preparing for the annual day and study live.

After the annual day exam will start. Many of my friends maybe 7 to 10 including some boys stayed in the class and we were doing as usual. In our group, one boy and one girl were lovers and they are very serious about their love. The girl was my neighbor and she also likes to expose her. Her boyfriend was very nice and they have very serious talks about their future. But they have no offense in my habits.

During some talks, I started fingering and they one girl was sucking my boobs, suddenly a boy put his cock out, masturbates and he put his cums on my body. I love it at that time because I was very wet and horny then. Two other boys also joined me by spraying their cums on my body. The boy with lover doesn’t do that they were kissing each other at that time. The other girls were excited at that time and they also help me in fingering. The hot cum was slowly flowing through my boobs, I feel very horny. But a girl told us that the principle is coming and clean up my body, but I didn't and took a record and started writing something.

I managed my dress correctly but the sides of the boobs are seen. All others have dispersed and started doing some sort of jobs suddenly. The principal came to our class and at that time I was writing my record and my boobs are a little wet due to cum and boobs are out but he didn’t come near me and he leaves home telling us to go home after completing our works.

We make sure that he has left and we left the classroom. My body was a little wet due to cum and while walking I can feel it slowly flowing through my body. It was a great feeling. We went out to the ground, there a little show of my pussy and boobs to all like accidental. Walks a little in the hot sun, played badminton in the sun, there were many audiences for my show off. After some games, many left the college and I and my friends walk to the auditorium where the arrangements are being made. I was very wet after playing in the sun and my dress sticks to my body showing all out. While at the auditorium we sat there watching some practices and go to a classroom for a little relaxation. Then a girl asks us to go to the toilet and pee. Suddenly a boy asks us and challenges us to pee in that classroom itself. We agreed on it after some hesitation.

Two girls were sitting above on the table and I was below them in a bench, they started pissing to my body and I didn't know their plan, and other girls also pissed on my body. We all laughed for some time and decided to go home. But my dress was very wet at that time. One of the boy's finger and licks my pussy for a while. The ground was having nobody and he invites me for a ride in his bike. I agreed and my ass was on his bike. As he started he gives me a helmet and he too wears one. He then goes out of college through the city and everybody was staring at me. My dress was stuck to my body because its wet and nobody saw my pussy but all can see my boobs partially.

We were in the city for about 20 minutes and went back, near to the college he stops in a small hotel that we use to visit every evening. He parks the bike and told me to have something. I step out from the bike exposing my pussy to all but nobody was there in the parking lot. We sat near a table and ordered some soft drinks. My dress was very wet and after we finish when I stand up the dress was above my pussy and I prefer to go like that.

This was the first time that I was exposing my body in public; I didn't notice who ever saw it. We were back in college and my neighbor girl told me that she will drop me in my house in her car. Because I'm wet I need to go home before my parents come. They have a game for work and come after 5pm and the time was 3 then. She then drops me at my house and I was in my room and remained in that dress, masturbate for some time and sleep there in that dress itself.

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