Passionate Love Making With My Ex-- Manipuri Girl Sex Story

Passionate Love Making With My Ex-Flame!

Passionate Love Making With My Ex-- Manipuri Girl Sex Story
Passionate Love Making With My Ex-- Manipuri Girl Sex Story

I am Prabisha. I am 27 years now and I was born in Meghalaya. My cell lighted up as it received a message from my ex-boyfriend, Ashique, at 01:30 hours that he had landed in Delhi.

We had dated and had sessions of lovemaking for over 6 months, after which he left for Melbourne for a media course. He was in Melbourne for 2 years and had further interned in Sydney for another 2 years. During this period, we remained in touch on Skype or WhatsApp.

I was awake and called him back. We decided to meet in the evening at his serviced apartment so that he could get over the jetlag. My husband, Ujjwal, knew that Ashique and myself were good friends.

I managed to escape from work early that day. It was 7 pm already. I collected a coffee mug from the Archies gallery to gift him. I also picked up a Lakme cherry lipstick. I knew he would kiss me, and cherry was his favorite scent on my lips.

I had showered ‘Johnson & Johnson’ baby talcum powder on myself. He loved that too. I had worn Enamor fancy inners underneath. I expected to have sex with him. After all, we were meeting after 4 years.

I rang the doorbell and waited for a few seconds, after which Ashique opened the door. He had just woken from his sleep. He had grown long hair and had a geeky haircut that was ruffled on his head. He wore a pair of black ganjee (it’s a kind of sleeveless, collarless t-shirt) with navy blue shorts.

He was a staunch atheist and had loads of beef and pork in Australia. He had put on a little weight, but regular gyming had kept him in shape. He opened the door with a grin and then hugged me tightly. I made myself comfortable on his chest by resting my head on it.

Before he left for Australia, he was slim and lanky. Now I felt his chest had some flesh on it, which cushioned my head. He still had a flat stomach. He lifted my face by my chin and planted his lips on mine. I still had his gift in my hand, so I couldn’t embrace him back.

But I still responded by pouting my lips and measuring his kiss with mine. He acknowledged that I was wearing his favorite lipstick, and he still went crazy over that smell. I handed over his gift pack. He unwrapped it and took out the cup from the box. He kissed me again to thank me.

This time his tongue parted my lips and entered my mouth. Our tongues embraced each other and hugged. They twisted and turned and pushed each other. All the while, one of his hands were on my waist, and the other was on my back. I wore a backless dress, and he was moving his hands all over my back.

I reminded Ashique that I was a married girl now. He asked me to close my eyes and relax. Just as I closed my eyes, he wrapped my satin scarf over them and blindfolded me. I had left that scarf at his place where we had sex last time four years back. He kept that with him all these years.

He moved behind me and kissed my neck. He sniffed me around my neck. He acknowledged going crazy over that baby powder that I wore, especially for him. He kissed my cheeks and pulled out the rubber band from my ponytail to lose my hair.

For a while, he played with his fingers in my hair as if playing the piano and sniffed my hair. He actually did love my smell. He put his hands from behind around my belly and pulled me to him. I could feel the prick his hard on dick.

I felt his hands on the zip of my dress. My back was exposed to the center of my back from where the dress covered my body. I then felt the zip being pulled down to my waist. He kissed me on my back and sniffed. I could feel his heavy breath on my back.

I felt his hands on the sides of the dress and were being pulled down. My dress hung over my waist, exposing my upper body with a fancy satin bra covering my boobs. He pulled the dress down from the waist too. My dress was on the floor. I lifted my legs one after the other to get out of it completely.

I was standing with only my bra and panty on my body. I felt his lips and nose touching different parts of my body. He was kissing me and sniffing. I felt his nose touching my pussy over my panty. He was sniffing my pussy. He whispered in my ears, asking me not to open my blindfold.

I was having sex with him after 4 years. Meanwhile, I got married while he was in Australia. Since we were in a very casual relationship and Ashique wasn’t interested in a family, I agreed to marry Ujjwal. Ujjwal owned a travel company and was usually out of India with groups.

My sex life with Ujjwal was awesome too. Ashique was kind of my ex-flame. Since we had separated in mutual agreement, I went to his apartment planning to get nostalgic about those good old days.

Just after 6 to 8 minutes, I felt Ashique’s body again close to mine. I felt his fingers fiddling with my bra hook. In a few seconds, I felt my bra loosen up on being unhooked. I felt him inserting his fingers under my bra strap of both my shoulders. He pulled them down from my shoulders and removed it.

Ashique cupped my boobs with his palms while he stood behind me. While he was feeling the weight and mass of my boobs with his hands, I felt a lump of flesh and patch of hair rub against my hips. While Ashique had left for Australia, I had been taking medical advice to increase the size of my boobs.

The size of my boobs had increased much more than what he used to fondle while we were dating four years back. I had genetically inherited a very fair skin tone from my ancestors, who belonged to Northern Pakistan-Afganistan border areas.

Now I was the owner of big white boobs that ended in pink nipples. I found my boobs being squeezed and pulled. The nipples were rolled and pulled to the highest point of their erection. I felt Ashique’s moist and soft tongue on my nipples.

He rotated his tongue around my nipples. Then pulled them by holding the nipples between his teeth without hurting me. Ashique whispered, “Baby! I forgot to ask about the water.” I felt cold bone China material touch my lips. It was the cup that I had gifted, filled with chilled water.

I sipped a little water and gulped it down my throat. I felt Ashique’s tongue licking my moist lips. He sucked my upper and lower lips one by one. Without warning, he poured some chilled water on my boobs very slowly. He licked the water on my boobs.

He poured some drops exactly on one of the nipples and licked the water dripping from it. I felt a current running through my body every time his tongue touched my nipples. He guided my hands on my boobs, bringing them together and making a deep cleavage between them.

He poured water from one end of the cleavage and licked the water from the other end. Then, there was a pause in the activity on my boobs. I felt his fingers pulling the elastic of my panty. My panty was pulled down and brought to my ankles. He lifted my legs, one after the other, and gently removed the panty.

I stood naked, waiting for his move. I had shaved off the hair on the pussy for him. Instinctively I brought my hands over my pussy to cover it. I heard him say, “Nikki, it’s me, baby.” He placed his palms over my hands, covering the pussy and removed them, uncovering the pussy again.

I felt him breathe on my pussy. He still liked to sniff it before going further to explore. I felt his lips on my pussy as he kissed it. I felt his soft tongue slithering in the clit. I searched his head and soon grabbed it with both hands. I felt chilled water poured on my vagina.

I clasped his hair in my fist and pressed his face to my pussy. I felt his tongue going all over my vagina to lick the water. He parted my vagina with his fingers and inserted his tongue in the opening. Just as he adjusted his tongue inside my vagina, he placed his palms on my hips.

He pushed my buttocks and smashed his head to my pussy, inserting his tongue as deep as possible. I was wriggling with pleasure while still standing. While he was doing all this, I asked him as to where he had learned such amazing foreplay. He wasn’t so creative before leaving for Australia.

I sensed Ashique standing up and going behind me. He held me by my arms and walked me to another portion of his house. I was walking barefoot on the marble flooring. Just then, I felt my footstep on a different type of flooring. I heard the sound of a shower.

He guided me under the shower. Water poured over us. He held me tight and kissed me, drinking the dripping water from my lips. He made me kneel on the floor. I felt that the lump of flesh touched my lips. I opened my mouth and took his dick inside it.

Although he hadn’t grown taller in height, his dick had become thicker proportionately with his increase in weight. I gripped his dick with my lips and started moving my head back and forth. With both my hands, I held on to his thighs. He, with one hand, held his dick, half of which was inside my mouth.

Water dripped from his body on me. He played with my hair all the while with the other hand. I took his dick out of my mouth and gripped it tightly within my fingers. I measured the thickness, trying to assume the tightness of my pussy, when it goes in. I took out my tongue and licked the water on it.

I put the tip of my tongue on the hole of his dick. I measured the length and thickness of his dick by rolling, rotating, and flickering my tongue around it. I lifted his dick with my hand and brought my head between his thighs. I took his balls inside my mouth one by one, and then both of them together.

I licked the water dripping from his balls. He pulled me up and made me stand up again. He picked one of my boobs and took a portion of it, including the nipple, in his mouth. He suckled the wet tit like a baby. After doing this for a while, he did the same with the other boob.

He pushed me on the fiberglass wall of the shower area and pressed himself on me. He placed his lips on mine and kept one of his hands on my pussy. While he was kissing me with an open mouth, he inserted a finger inside my vagina and started moving it inside and outside...(more)

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